Inside the Book

The Crafty Newfoundland Knits

Inside you will find:



Design Placement and GaugeNewf on rock

Intarsia—Painting With Yarn

Size Chart

Yarn Yardage Information

Styles for Adults:

Classic Pullover
Classic Tunic
Tab Neck Pullover
Boat Neck Pullover
V-Neck Pullover
Raglan Pullover
Cardigan Classic
Jacket With Pockets
Classic Vest
V-Neck Button Vest With Pockets

Styles for Children:Puppy photo from The Crafty Newfoundland Knits

Classic Easy-On Pullover for Baby
Baby Cardigan With Hood
Child’s Raglan Pullover
Child’s Hooded Cardigan
Child’s Drop Shoulder Pullover


Christmas Stocking
Pillows and Afghans

Designs in Color

Newf graphics from The Crafty Newfoundland Knits 1 Designs from the Carfty Newfoundland Knits 2

Newfoundland Pair Standing
Newfoundlands Out For A Sail
Newfoundland ObedienceThe Crafty Newfoundland Knits
Newfoundland Medallion
Newfoundland Ready to Go
Newfoundlands On the Dock
Newfoundland Large Head Profile
Newfoundland Puppy in the Window
Newfoundland Sitting
Newfoundland Puppy Sitting
Newfoundland Large Standing Profile
Newfoundland Trotting
Newfoundland On His Couch
Newfoundland To The Rescue
Newfoundlands Come Home
Newfoundland Pulls a Cart
Newfoundland Off the Dock
Obedience Jumps
Large Paw Print
Small Paw Print
Newfoundland Christmas Wreath
Newfoundland Name Chart

About the Newfoundland:The Crafty Newfoundland Knits

History of the Newfoundland
Newfoundland as Show Dog
Newfoundland as Family Dog
Newfs In the Water
Newfs Learn to Dance
Newfoundland Goes Carting
Obedience and the Newfoundland
Tracking with a Newfoundland
Newfoundland Make Good Therapy Dogs
Resources for Newfoundland Owners


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