Posted by: PeggyGaffney | July 8, 2008

Cross Stitch the Charted Designs

Why Not Try to Cross Stitch the Designs

It may be too hot to knit, but these charted patterns from The Crafty Newfoundland Knits of the Newfoundlands can also be worked in cross stitch. If it is too soon to wear a sweater, but you’d love to wear the head study of your dog to your next show, consider working it in cross stitch onto a blouse.

The simple way to do this is to get some waste canvas in a weave that will give you a modest number of stitches per inch and some embroidery floss in the colors to go with the charted design. Baste this canvas to the fabric where you want the design to be. Then, using the chart, work you stitches across the intersections in the canvas and through both canvas and fabric.

Once all the stitching is complete, slightly dampen the fabric and using a tweezers, pull the threads of the canvas out, one at a time. When all the canvas threads have been removed, what is left is the lovely charted design on your blouse or jacket or tablecloth or what ever item you’d like.


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