Posted by: PeggyGaffney | June 9, 2008

Painting a portrait in yarn

Intarsia is a five dollar word in knitting for creating a single layer design in many colors. The benefits of using intarsia are several. The first is that it keeps the sweater from being too heavy because it only is a single layer. Secondly, since there are no floats of yarn across the wrong side of the fabric, there is nothing to catch on jewelry or glasses when putting your sweater on. Lastly there is color; you may use as many colors per row as you want.

Because of this free use of color, the portraits I’ve designed can capture the exact shade of your dog’s coat as you work the design. If you can’t match the coat with available yarn, think about getting your dog’s hair spun. If you get it spun mixed with a little marino wool, it works up beautifully. Just don’t do the entire sweater in dog hair or you’ll find out why they pant all the time.


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