Posted by: PeggyGaffney | June 1, 2008

The Crafty Newfoundland Knits

The Crafty Newfoundland Knits, published by Kanine Knits.

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Author/Designer Peggy Gaffney has added a new book to her The Crafty Dog Knits series and this time it is for those gentle giants, the Newfoundland. Peggy’s forty years in the world of purebred dogs has given her a unique insight and allowed her to create charted knitted designs that show these dogs in action. The inspiration for these designs comes from the stories within the book about the Newfoundland telling all the wonderful things that are distinctive to that breed. These stories are the inspiration for nearly 25 charted designs. Patterns for sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, pillows, afghans and even a Christmas stocking are included so that knitters may choose the designs from the collection and create truly unique garments and accessories. Sweaters are sized from infant to men’s 2x and instructions are in inches and centimeters.

Peggy Gaffney hopes that all knitters who love their Newfoundlands will enjoy this knitting celebration of the breed.

The Crafty Newfoundland Knits

Click to order


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